Rachel Shimpock individually plates the food that you see on the website. Editions of some foods have been duplicated in wax and will be indicated in description if so. It is a laborious process to plate food. It first must be completly sealed which can take up to a week. Then the plating bath which slowly builds up a copper shell can take up to 80+ hours. She applies color using either glass enamel fired at 1500 degees or an industrial process called powder coating. This method of painting electrostatically covers metal with a dry pigment, which is then cured under heat to create a durable, uniform finish.


Each piece is either electroformed copper then enamelled with vitreous glass or cut from brass to painfully duplicate. To add color pieces are powder coated or enamelled and then finished with sterling silver, oxidized silver or gold-filled findings, unless otherwise stated. 


Enamel and Powder coating offers a durable, chip-resistant finish but should be treated nicely and can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Be aware hollow pieces are hollow and if yu clean them make sure you let it sit upright on a towel overnight to drain out any water before putting away. Any exposed metal can be cleaned with a general-use jewelry polishing cloth. Enamel is glass and can crack under extreme pressure. Do not squeeze bread hard, it is hollow and with enough localized pressure can crack. 


Custom orders are welcomed, please contact Rachel Shimpock for more information.


If you need a piece repaired or would like to re-order a misplaced earring, please contact Rachel Shimpock. Each order will be taken care of individually and may include an additional fee.